Introduction (short bio): International DJ, Producer: over the last 20 years, Shane Hoeh  has established himself as a global player in the international music scene. Through the quality output of his label Jetlag Digital, the unique progressive house sound of his productions, and the forward-thinking drive of his podcast radio shows and headline DJ sets, Shane has consistently pushed boundaries and delivered fresh and exciting dance music for a worldwide audience.

Shane Hoeh  – The DJ: Born in 1976 in Germany, Shane Hoeh started his DJ career at the age of 16 and found his home base a few years later at the event and booking agency “Hertzmusic” in Kaiserslautern, Germany. There he could be heard as resident DJ in the legendary “Hertzclub” party series and at the Cameo-Club, and on radio stations such as Sunshine-Live and BigFM. After his first high-profile gigs in Europe and Ibiza the early 2000s, Shane seized the opportunity to showcase his skills on some of the biggest stages in the world, and this changed his life and career forever. In 2005, Shane became guest resident DJ of the Viproom in Shanghai, China, claiming his place in the renowned nightlife scene of one of the largest and most vital cities on the globe. This residency marked the beginning of a series of worldwide bookings and many tours in Asia and the United States. As Shane’s notoriety grew, his reach was further expanded as he began hosting internet radio shows such as his still-running Continental Fusion show on New York City-based DI.FM

Shane Hoeh – Today: Today, Shane continues his work as a DJ and Producer having his tracks and remixes signed to various labels worldwide and working with many internationally known artists in the progressive house scene. Be it New York or Shanghai, Shane’s tracks, remixes and sets can be heard monthly on renowned international radio stations, and Shane continues to enthrall audiences with compelling live DJ sets, as he has done for nearly two decades. From modest beginnings in Germany, Shane has moved up to claim a respected place in the international music scene, and has continually demonstrated in a distinct way how true global dance music works.





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Shane has retired from the music business